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The availability of Halal food: for Halal Customers and Consumers it is an enormously important element when choosing hotels and restaurants.

The attention towards food and drink is in fact the “heart” of observance of Halal Customer and Consumer, very strict in classifying them as “Halal” (lawful) or “Haram” (illicit).

Attention: the certified Halal food, thanks to the particularly strict controls in which they are subjected, are sought and appreciated by Consumers who are notoriously attentive to the wholesomeness and transparency of the food ingredients (Including: Bio, Vegetarians, Health-conscious)

Halal Food & Beverages: traditional recipes of the Halal countries but also preparations of typical dishes of the visited countries or in which the Halal Consumers live.

Attracted by the “good cuisine” and inclined to experience Kitchens of great fame, like the Italian one, as long as food and drink are correctly Halal certified.


TURNKEY HALAL CATERING: Halal Service – HS Provides complete meals Certified Halal (from the most authoritative body in Italy) composed of certified Halal foods prepared and ready to be plating (Slab).

For every occasion, from breakfast to lunch, to dinner, to sweet & savory snacks, to room service, to ‘iftar (Ramadan evening meal).

For all quantitative needs: from individual meals to buffets and to placé events.