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The Halal customer has a business meeting and need a Halal Baby Caring Service for their children?

He wants to go shopping, visit the city and sightseeing, attend an event in complete freedom?

Halal Service – HS offers a Turnkey Halal Baby Caring Service with staff specialized in Muslim culture and faith.

Available at home – private and / or external accommodation – to entertain children and young people up to 17 years.

Our staff shares, with the children and young people entrusted to them, games and pastimes that reflect and respect the dictates of Islamic religion.

And not only that: we also propose specific interventions of Culture, Language and Religion, carried out by accredited experts. The Turnkey Halal Baby Caring Service provides in fact various professional figures, with diversified skills, from the Halal Baby Sitter to the Halal Educator and Islamic Religion Teachers.